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Steel Frame Measurement Made Easy

Following on from our successful Foundations Measurement Made Easy and Concrete Frame Measurement Made Easy webinars earlier this year, Masterbill are pleased to announce the date for our next webinar in the series.

In this webinar we will be taking a closer look at Steel Frame Measurement and will demonstrate how QSCadv4 together with our Comprehensive Steelwork Component Library can streamline the measurement process, significantly reducing the time spent while enhancing both consistency and accuracy.

During the Webinar you will be able to...

  • See the latest QSCadv4 features in action and find out how you can use them on your next project.

  • Take a look at the Components contained in the comprehensive QSCadv4 Steelwork Component Library which includes all standard steelwork members from Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) through to Universal Columns (UC).

  • See how QSCadv4 speeds up the measurement of Steel Columns, Beams, Purlins, Rafters etc. together with their associated Surface Preparation and Treatment and ensures consistency and accuracy.

  • Examine the results generated in SMM7, NRM2 or general format, together with the audit trail created and the professional graphic output available.

  • Find out more about how QSCadv4's results can be transformed into a BQ and/or Priced Estimate in just a few minutes.

Attendance at the webinar is FREE and, as places are unlimited, is open to as many delegates from your organisation as you wish.

If you missed the previous webinars in the series you can catch up with them here.


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