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Masterbill software has halvedthe amount of time we have spent measuring from drawings and provided us with a clear audit trail that enables us to communicate clearly with our Sub-Contractors


Are you…


  • Struggling to keep up with increased numbers of tender enquiries?

  • Finding that you are required to carry out more measurement than ever before?

  • Keen to ensure that you have a good audit trail so that you can easily check and demonstrate what was and what was not included in your tender?




  • Being able to reduce the amount of time spent measuring by up to 75%

  • Being able to price your current tender from a previous similar tender in minutes.

  • Being able to split the BQ into the relevant sub-contract packages in a matter of seconds.

Imagine, no more…  take a look at the following products that have helped Contractors realise the benefits above and many more.


  • Masterbill Elite - combines all the power and benefits of a BQ Production system and an Estimating system in a single product with detailed pricing, sub-contract packaging, and powerful adjustment facilities.

  • QSCad - a comprehensive CAD and PDF measurement system that can be used to measure any element with powerful component facilities and specialist modules for both Drainage and Siteworks measurement.

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