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The clear audit trail and professinally coloured up drawings produced by Masterbill software have made our tender negotiations much easier as it is clear to all what is included and what is not


Are you…


  • Struggling with the amount of measurement required to price a tender?

  • Keen to maintain a clear audit trail to ensure you know and can demonstrate exactly what you have included in your tender?

  • Looking to improve the quality of your tender submissions?




  • Being able to reduce the amount of time spent measuring by up to 75%

  • Being able to easily identify the differences when an updated set of tender drawings are issued.

  • Being able to submit a professional tender document and coloured up drawings with your tender.

Imagine, no more…  take a look at the following products that have helped Sub-Contractors realise the benefits above and many more.


  • QSCad - a comprehensive CAD and PDF measurement tool with powerful measurement and component features, the ability to compare drawing revisions and carry forward measurements from one revision to the next. QSCad is also available with specialist Drainage and Siteworks modules.


  • Masterbill Elite - will enable you to quickly turn your measurements into a professional priced Bill of Quantities that will ensure that all parties are clear about what has and has not been included in your tender.

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