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BQ Production

Elite Quantity Surveyors bill faster.

Masterbill Elite produces BQs faster:

  • A Flexible Project Structure provides full sortation nad the ability to produce your Bills of Quantities in almost any sequence.

  • A range of Standard Libraries make selecting descriptions for your chosen method of measurement easy.

  • Full Measurement Facilitiies include an 'on-screen dimsheet', 'dymanic dims' and the ability to re-use previously entered data.

  • Flexible Page Layouts enable you to make your Bills of Quantities look just the way you like them.

  • Freeform Bills enable users to create Preliminaries, Schedules of Works and Schedule of Rates documents.

  • Comprehensive Pricing Facilities mean that Masterbill Elite is an asset to Quantity Surveyors and Estimators alike.

  • Powerful Analysis Tools enable you to analyse, compare and benchmark your tenders,

  • Full eTendering Compatibility enable users to issue and receive electronic tenders using email or Masterbill's own Online eTendering Facility.

Masterbill Elite uses a single database, for more efficiency without changing the way you work.


Why not check out our Feature Checklist or continue reading for more information.



Flexible Project Structure...


Masterbill Elite uses a flexible Project Structure together with full sortation facilities to enable the production of Bills of Quantities in almost any sequence without the need to re-enter any data.


The Project Structure consists of:

  • Parts

  • Elements

  • User Reference

  • User Defined Tags (x3)

  • Sub Contract Packages

Standard and User-defined Templates means setting up the Project Structure can be done in a matter of minutes and provide consistency across projects.

Whilst the Project Structure is normally set up at the start of a Project it can be added to or amended at any time.

Comprehensive Standard Libraries of Descriptions...


Masterbill Elite can be supplied with a number of Standard Libraries including:


  • SMM7

  • NRM1

  • NRM2

  • CESMM3

  • CESMM4

  • MMHW4 (Highways)

  • POM (International) Metric and Imperial

  • Irish ARM

  • International Libraries including East Africa and Malaysia


The system even includes the facility to create your own libraries, if required.


Full Measurement Facilities...


Once you have selected your required description then Masterbill Elite enables you to enter your calculations on a traditional dimsheet including:


  • Timesings

  • Sidecasts

  • Cascading Calculations (Sidecasts in Timesings, Timesings in Sidecasts, etc.)

  • Deductions

  • Constants List

  • Sub Totals

  • Signposting, Annotations and Dim Labels

  • Dynamic Dims for 'Anding On' and 'Key Dimensions'


Dim Management routines enable the user to re-use data from within the current Project or from a Previous Project and apply a Multuplication factor.


Flexible Page Layouts...


Masterbill Elite enables the user to create their own page layouts so that their Bills of Quantities look just the way they like them, including their logo, if required.


Freeform Bill Options...


Masterbill Elite even includes Freeform capabilities so that the system can be used to produce any other Tender documents required including:


  • Preliminaries

  • Preambles

  • Schedules of Works

  • Schedules of Rates

  • Provisional Sums Bills

This facility even allows users to import Bills of Quantities from Excel.


Comprehensive Pricing Facilities...


Masterbill Elite includes all the pricing facilities a Quantity Surveyor would expect and some usually confined to Estimating systems including:


  • Basic Pricing

  • Find Prices facility - looks to see if an item has been priced elsewhere

  • Matching Prices facility - prices one Tender/Project from another Tender/Project

  • Detailed Pricing using Resources and Sub Resources

  • Sub Contract Packaging Routines

  • Resource Reports

  • Adjustment Routines


Powerful Analysis Tools...


Masterbill Elite provides the tools needed to analyse compare and benchmark the Tenders stored for a Project using Parts, Elements and Tags.


This data can then be used to create Graphical Analysis


Full eTendering Compatibility...

Masterbill Elite includes the ability to make use of eTendering including the ability to export to:


  • CITE format

  • XML format

  • HTML format

  • Excel format




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