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Masterbill software has enabled us to produce comprehensive tender documents making use of CESMM, Highways and Railways Libraries

Civil Engineers

Are you…


  • Looking to produce professional tender documents based upon the latest methods of measurement?

  • Struggling to keep up with an increasing workload?

  • Hoping to be able to speed up measurement without a loss of accuracy?




  • All your staff being able to produce consistent tender documents in a fraction of the time they currently take.

  • Being able to measure even the most complex of projects in less time.

  • Being able to access and re-use measurement and cost data from previous projects in a matter of seconds.

Imagine, no more…  take a look at the following products that have helped Civil Engineers realise the benefits above and many more.


  • Masterbill Elite - includes comprehensive BQ production facilities including libraries based upon CESMM and MMHW, powerful pricing routines and analysis facilities.

  • QSCad - makes CAD and PDF measurement easy, especially Drainage and Siteworks with specialist modules that enable accurate measurement and a full audit trail.

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