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QSCad Siteworks

QSCad Siteworks enables the user to produce accurate Cut 'n' Fill measurements in a fraction of the time it would take using manual measurement techniques.


The user simply completes three simple steps:


Step 1 - The Existing Site

Enter the existing levels by identifying known spot heights or contours, define the areas where topsoil needs to be removed and the areas where a minimum site strip is required. QSCad Siteworks uses these known heights to create a levels grid at user-defined centres.


Step 2 - The Proposed Construction Details

Enter the details for your proposed construction/surface finishes.


Step 3 - The Proposed Finished Levels

Measure the areas where each of the defined construction/surface finishes apply and enter their associated finished levels.


QSCad Siteworks uses all the information provided to provide an accurate measurement of not just excavation and filling volumes but also quantities for all items included within the construction details.


QSCad Siteworks can then make use of all this data to produce a graphical representation of the site with the user able to produce contour maps, sections and 3D models.

But QSCad Siteworks doesn't stop there, just like QSCad Drainage it goes on to produce a draft BQ which can be pre-coded for importation into Masterbill Elite or Excel.

Finally QSCad Siteworks enables the user to tap into the system's processing power to carry out the miriad of calculations required to assess the optimum levels for the proposed construction.


The ability to advise the client and or designers of the optimum levels for cut and fill volumes and/or the optimum cost solution make the QSCad Siteworks system pay for itself over and over again.


Key Features


  • Enables easy and accurate measurement of complex earthworks

  • Automatically interpolates existing and proposed levels to a user-defined levels grid

  • Produces full depth categorised measurements and draft BQ items

  • Optimisation by either volume or cost ensures the best levels solution may be indentified for your client


Click here to view the full Siteworks Feature Checklist


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