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Masterbill software has enabled us to cut the time taken to produce fully measured Groundworks Bills by half, so now we can obtain better tenders and reduce our risk


Are you…


  • Keen to secure firm sub contract tenders that make it clear what is and what is not included?

  • Looking to take control of the measurement of your projects or improve your profit margins?

  • Struggling to keep up with the increasing workload?




  • Being able to efficiently measure and produce Sub-Contract tender documents.

  • Being able to easily evaluate and challenge any Sub-Contractor claims.

  • Being able to reduce the amount of time spent measuring by up to 75%.

Imagine, no more…  take a look at the following products that increasing numbers of Housebuilders are using to achieve the above and much more.


  • QSCad - enables accurate measurement to be carried out from PDF and CAD drawings at any stage of a project and with specialist both Drainage and Siteworks modules makes it possible to reduce the risk normally associated with these elements.

  • Masterbill Elite - enables measurements to quickly be turned into professional Bills of Quantities for tendering and pricing, powerful pricing and sub-contract packaging routines assist in securing firm tenders.

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