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QSCadv4 Drainage

QSCad Drainage will bring about a revolution in the way you measure Drainage!


Simply drop the chambers and fittings onto the drawing whilst entering or importing their properties, then plot the pipe runs to join them up and let the system do all the work for you.

QSCad Drainage will interpolate levels, calculate lengths and depths of pipe runs, and produce a Drainage schedule for the Chambers, Fittings and the Pipes. 


But that is not all QSCad Drainage can do... it can also take the Drainage Schedules and create a draft SMM7/NRM2/CESMM3/Highways Bill of Quantities and pre code it ready for incorporation into Masterbill Elite or Excel.

Coupled with Masterbill Elite measurements can quickly be turned into BQs and priced estimates with items linked to QSCad to provide a full audit trail and a 'Visual BQ'.






Key Features


  • Easy to use: simply plot on chambers, fittings and pipes

  • Full drainage measurement facilities for Manholes, Inspection Chambers, Soakaways, Petrol Interceptors and Pipe Runs

  • Automatically interpolates levels for drain runs from Manhole and Fittings invert levels

  • Generates full drainage schedules and SMM/NRM/CESMM/Highways measurement

  • Reduces measurement time from days to hours

  • Full audit trail enables the user to identify which drain runs are above the minimum depth or below water table in seconds.

  • Multi-user and 'Cloud Ready' to enable different users to measure Foul and Surface Water on the same drawing at the same time from different locations.

Click here to see a full Drainage Feature Checklist

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