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About Us/ An Introduction

Ever since Masterbill Micro Systems started selling software in 1981 customers have called us to ask if we could recommend another Masterbill user who could assist them with their current workload, and it is these requests and the increasing shortage of QS's with measurement skills that prompted us to create
Masterbill Measurement Services in 2012.


Masterbill Measurement Services have formed a number of teams of experienced measurement staff who are fully trained to make full use of our extensive range of software in order to be ready to provide a professional and efficient measurement service and provide the customer with a complete set of data upon completion.


Since 2012 Masterbill Measurement Services have helped a number of Masterbill customers cope with peaks in their measurement workload and have assisted in over 200 individual projects, each time returning the results in a format that could be imported into the customers own Masterbill software with many reporting...


 "It's as if we did it ourselves!"

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