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QSCad Basic

The QSCad Basic system includes full measurement tools to make the measuring of awkward shapes easy with multiple overlays enabling several elements to be measured on one drawing. 


Getting around the drawing is straightforward too with the ability to zoom and pan using the mouse to focus on a selected area.  You can even ask the system to remember particular 'views' of the drawing that you may wish to return to later. 


The system records what has been measured with colour lines and hatching together with a live on-screen summary enabling the user to see what has been measured. Coloured-up drawings together with a dynamic legend can be printed or exported to a PDF and make an impressive appendix to any cost report or simply a visual record of what has been measured.

Powerful Drawing Management tools enable drawings to be overlaid, combined and compared which together with the powerful Multiple Drawing summary features enable users to quickly identify and quantify any drawing revisions.

Coupled with Masterbill Elite measurements can quickly be turned into BQs and priced estimates with items linked back to QSCad to provide a full audit trail and a 'Visual BQ'.

Key Features
  • Easy to use, works with any scale

  • No CAD package or knowledge required

  • Compatible with all CAD and PDF drawings

  • No need for designers to draw to standards or conventions

  • Full measurement facilities

  • User-defined components

  • Full colour graphical output to PDF or any Windows printer

  • Clipboard transfer to other Windows software

  • Direct links to Masterbill Elite software


Click here to view the Full Feature Checklist


Key Benefits


  • Cost Effective - no need for an expensive CAD system

  • Space Effective - view drawings of all sizes on your computer screen

  • Time Saving - difficult or unusual shapes can be measured accurately in a fraction of the time it would take by hand.

  • Full colour graphical printouts and PDF exports.

  • Full audit trail, click on a measurement to see where it is located on the drawing.

  • Standalone package that works on its own or in conjunction with other Masterbill or Windows software.

  • Uses the latest technology to save you time and effort.

  • Multi-user and 'Cloud Ready' to facilitate flexible working.

If you were familiar with QSCadv3 then Click Here to see how QSCadv4 has "Made CAD Measurement Even Easier!" 


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