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Introducing QSCadv4 - Measurement Just Got Even Easier!

If QSCadv3 was "Measurement Made Easy!" then the release of QSCadv4 means that "Measurement Just Got Even Easier!"

In 2018 Masterbill redeveloped their popular QSCad CAD Measurement software to ensure its users can realise the benefits it delivers for years to come.

Improvements include....  (click on a heading to see QSCadv4 in action)

Simply​ add the drawing to the system, check the scale and start measuring including snap facilities for all formats... even pdf.

Less clicks, less popup dialogs, more measurement!  Use the Properties view to quickly switch between measurement items, use the Summary View to keep track of your progress.

Measurement has been made easier and faster than ever with intelligent snapping and one-click arcs, there is even a feature that lets you 'zoom to point' to make snapping even easier.

Measure one item and create many items based on user-defined formulae and logic!

View, order, and locate all your measurements using the new Summary View o make visualising, auditing, editing and tracking easier than ever before.

By linking QSCadv4 to Masterbill Elite the ultimate audit trail has been created - previously something that Quantity Surveyors and Estimators could only dream about.  Linking the BQ and the drawings opens up whole new possibilities.

  • Designed to work the way you do

QSCadv4 is designed for multi-user access to the same drawing simultaneously and has been designed with cloud deployment in mind - don't let software or geography hold you back!

  • Already delivering benefits

There are already a number of companies making use of the facilities above and looking forward to further developments including Drainage and Siteworks modules.  We asked our East African agent to record his first impressions of QSCadv4 for us. Click here to see what he said.

  • Don't just take our word for it!

Why not check out our Introducing QSCadv4 Videos or Contact Us to request a demonstration (either in your offices or online) today.

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