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QSCadv4 Components Libraries

* included free with QSCadv4
QSCadv4 Components enable users to measure one item and create many items based on user-defined formulae and logic.
To help new users get started, and experienced users save time, with Components we have created a number of Component Libraries that you can download and import into your version of QSCadv4 either to use as they are or adapt to suit your projects.
The Default, Training and General Component Libraries are included free with QSCadv4, additional Component Libraries can be purchased and added to your system click here to request a quotation.
Each library includes a number of components together with a full explanation of each Component including all formulae and logic.
The Libraries of Components can be accessed from the Components Manager within QSCadv4 and include:
(Select a library for further details of the Components included within that Library.)
  • Default Components Library* - turn a simple measurement into multiple useful measurements.
  • Training Components Library-  the components that are used in the QSCadv4 Training Courses available on the Masterbill Academy
  • General Components Library* - Make use of standard functions that we have created to enable you to create descriptions and quantities that match the requirements of SMM7, NRM2 and CESMM4.
  • Substructures Components Library - Measure a foundation and QSCad will generate the excavation, disposal, compacting. earthwork support, blinding bed, concrete foundation, walls, dpc, forming cavity and cavity fill items and quantities for you.
  • Concrete Frame Components Library Measure a column or beam and let QSCad generate the Concrete, Reinforcement and Formwork items and quantities for you.
  • Steel Frame Components Library - Say goodbye to steel weight tables - measure a steel member, specify the section size and type the surface preparation and treatment, whether you want Standard, SMM7 or NRM2 descriptions and QSCadv4 will do the rest.  (Click here to see these Components in action)
  • Roof Components Library - Measure a Pitched Roof flat on plan, specify the pitch and get the pitched area, measure gables, hips and valleys flat on plan and specify the pitch to get the sloping lengths.
  • External Walls Components Library - Measure a length of wall, specify the height and other details and QSCad can measure the Inner and Outer Skins, Forming Cavities, Insulation and much more.
  • Internal Walls Components Library - Measure a length of wall specify the height and other details and QSCad will measure the blockwork wall or partition, abutments, movement joints and cavities.
  • Finishes Components Library - Measure Wall, Floors and Ceiling Finishes together with perimeter trims and skirtings.
Select a library for further details of the Components included within that Library
for a Full List of the available Components click here
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