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QSCadv4 - 3D Graphics - Initial Impressions

Last week we spent some time training three of our customers on the latest QSCadv4 module - 3D Graphics and asked them to report back with their initial impressions and examples of what they have produced so far - here are their responses...


Jack Green - Quantity Surveyor - CQS Solutions Ltd. " I have been using QSCadv4 for almost 3 years and can see how the new 3D Graphics module will enable us to easily spot errors and rogue levels when measuring Siteworks."

"We have already used it with a Foundations component to check we have entered all the variables correctly."

"We have managed to pick up and use this new module with minimal training"


Monika Cook - Quantity Surveyor & Estimator - Napier Construction Services

"I am convinced that this new module will be extremely beneficial, the ability to easily visualize and verify the accuracy of calculations is a key advantage and will greatly increase my productivity and confidence."

"Sharing calculations with colleagues and clients will become much simpler and more effective thanks to the software's 3D interface and the visualizations provided will prove particularly attractive to our clients because they will be able to seamlessly incorporate them into their reports."  

"This will not only improve the quality of our presentations, but also strengthens our professional relationships."


George Karita - Partner - Makon Consultants, Kenya

"I believe the 3D graphics will enable the QS to visually illustrate to the client and the design team the measurements undertaken. This, in turn, will ease the interrogation of various design decisions with the aim of attaining the most optimum design."

" A welcome addition to the growing capabilities of QSCadv4"


To find out more about the QSCadv4 - 3D Graphics module and how it can be used in conjunction with Basic, Siteworks and Drainage modules take a look at our website.


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