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Masterbill Academy keeps getting better!

In the six months since its launch in March 2020 The Masterbill Academy has enabled over 80 users to undertake training at a convenient time, at their own pace and in their chosen location. One satisfied customer recently emailed to tell us... "Just completed the training module and thought I would let you know that I thought it was excellent.

The way it was split into small bitesize chunks and the on screen symbols and highlighting areas talked about were very clear. "

We are still working hard to add more training courses to the Academy with courses on the new QSCadv4 Siteworks module and the new QSCadv4 Drawing Management tools currently in production.

We are also keen to enable users to take full advantage of the course materials for years to come so have recently added three additional enhancements.

  1. A New Free Course - Getting Started with the Masterbill Academy has been added to help new users enroll on their chosen courses and help them get familiar with the Teachable interface and tools.

  2. Captions - have been added to the Getting Started with QSCadv4 course videos. This not only makes it possible for users without sound to follow along but also assists those users overseas for whom English is a second language. A by-product of adding captions is that now all users can make use of the search facility to search a video's script and locate the exact moment that a certain features was mentioned.

  3. A new All Modules Quick Reference Guide - is now available once a course is completed. This enables users who have completed their training to search the complete course and identify the Module and Lesson that includes a particular word/feature so that they can quickly return a review a lesson whenever they need a 'refresher'.

Why not check out The Masterbill Academy for yourself see for details.

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