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QSCadv4 Siteworks Training Course - now available!

Following the release of the QSCadv4 Siteworks module in August 2020 we are pleased to advise that the Getting Started with QSCadv4 Siteworks training course has now been added to the Masterbill Academy.

The training course consists of thirteen Modules, almost 3½ hours of Training Videos, 11 Quizzes and 6 'Try It Yourself' exercises covering all aspects of the QSCadv4 Siteworks module. The course is designed to enable both new and experienced QSCad Siteworks users to be able to undertake Siteworks 'Cut and Fill' measurement with confidence.

Modules include...

  • Working With Levels

  • Entering Existing Site Details

  • The Proposed Construction Details

  • Proposed Construction Measurement

  • Results

  • Graphical Display

  • Alternative Approaches to Siteworks Measurement

More than twenty users have already enrolled and completed their QSCadv4 Siteworks training using this course and we hope many more will follow them soon.

To find out more about this course why not take a look at the

All Masterbill Academy courses include a Comprehensive Training Manual, Searchable Videos and a Quick Reference document to enable you to use it as a resource for years to come.

Follow the link to find out more about the QSCadv4 Siteworks module or to arrange an online demonstration please Contact Us.


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