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Do You Want to Break Free... From Your Masterbill Dongle?

Since 1981 Masterbill software has always made use of a security dongle to control access and manage licences.

Whilst these dongles have worked well for Masterbill they often cause frustrations and challenges to our users and their IT Staff especially in a Cloud and Virtual Server environment.

We are pleased to announce that both Masterbill Elite and QSCadv4 can now be installed "Dongle-Free"

This means that all new systems will be "Dongle-Free" and existing customers can switch to "Dongle-Free" for a one-off charge and the following message will soon become a distant memory.

This does not mean that Masterbill software is no longer protected it simply means that we have developed an alternative method of protection and licence management to enable our customers to continue to make the most of our software together with flexible concurrent licensing that they have been accustomed to for the last 40 years.

If you would like to break free from your Masterbill dongle Contact Us for a quotation today.


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