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QSCadv4 - My First Impressions

We asked our East African Agent George Karita of Makon Consultants in Nairobi, Kenya to provide us with his first impressions of QSCadv4, this is what he said.

"My first impressions of QSCadv4 are as follows: -

  • The design is simpler and more intuitive. I was able to use the system in the first twenty minutes of using the system.

  • The drawing to BQ link made half of our standard operating procedures OBSOLETE. For ease of audit trailing, we have standard operating procedures for management and storage of drawings, QSCadv3 exported measurements, BQ dimsheets etc. With QSCadv4 we no longer have to ask some years later when settling the final account with a contractor questions such as how we arrived at a certain quantity or which drawing was used to arrive at which quantity. The audit trail is much easier and simpler now.

  • We now really have all our data in one central database. This really facilitates knowledge management and makes backing up of data a lot easier.

  • Dealing with design iterations is now easier because of the link between the drawing and MB Elite. One is now able to manage the evolution of the project from cost planning to final account more efficiently.

  • Components are easier to write as compared to QSCadv3.

  • The ability to change the background to black is a plus to our ageing eyes 😊

  • The issue of drawing versions, missing font files, converting from paperspace to model space is a thing of the past. One would spend considerable time dealing with drawing issues which could have been used to get results for our clients.

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