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Masterbill Elite - eTendering Made Simple

Masterbill Elite users can now realise all the benefits of eTendering via Excel.

By simply exporting and protecting the unpriced BQ, and then issuing it to the Tenderers via email or their chosen portal, users are then ready to receive and import the priced BQs from the Tenderers when the Tenders are received.

These additional features will allow users to benefit from:

  • reduced printing costs

  • easy importation into Masterbill Elite

  • no more computation checks

  • no more entering tenderers prices

  • full use of Masterbill Elite's Tender Comparison and Analysis tools

These features can be used in conjunction with Standard Sorted BQs, Freeform BQs and Sub Contract Package BQs.

To assist users in making use of these new features Masterbill have created a Step by Step Guide and created a video so that you can see these new features in action.

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