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Bring Your Bills of Quantities to life - Illustrate them!

Imagine being able to show your, client, site agent, architect or sub-contractor exactly what has been measured against a particular item or group of items in your Bills of Quantities.

Whilst Quantity Surveyors and Estimators are fully aware of the benefits of the Bills of Quantities other parties involved in a project often need some convincing. Clients, Site Agents and Designers often struggle to relate the document to the drawings and the actual construction and often neglect the Bills of Quantities and fail to realise its value.

If you agree that "a picture is worth a thousand words" the latest features added to Masterbill's QSBIM BIM Measurement Software will be music to your ears.

QSBIM users are already enjoying the full audit trail that comes from the linking of the BIM model to their dimsheets with the ability to ask the system to display…

  • Individual measured items

  • All items measured on the current dimsheet

  • All items measured in a certain element

  • All items measured in a certain part

  • All items measured in a certain part and element combination

  • All items measured in the Project

  • All items not yet measured

This latest development enables them to do the same using the Bills of Quantities to display…

  • Items measured against the current Bill Item

  • Items measured under a bill heading at any level in the Bill resulting in illustrations being available for…

  • All items measured against a heading e.g. Walls

  • All items measured against a certain specification e.g. Facing brickwork

  • All items measured in a certain Trade e.g. Brickwork/Blockwork

  • All items measured in a certain Element e.g. External Walls

  • All items measured in a certain Part e.g. Building A

This ability together with the renowned full sortation facilities that Masterbill Elite contains mean that users will be able to produce a picture for almost any specific area of interest.

Why not…

  • Take a look at our video to see these features in action

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