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Is Your BIM Software able to "Spot the Difference"?... Ours can!

QSBIM BIM Measurement Software

Ask any Quantity Surveyor or Estimator to list their top 3 frustrations and they are sure to include the numerous revisions of drawings and more recently BIM Models that are issued during the Cost Plan or BQ Preparation and Tender Period often with a simple notification from a Project Portal and no specific details of what has been changed either in the notification or the revisions box.

This state of affairs has resulted in Quantity Surveyors and Estimators developing new abilities as they are constantly being required to "Spot the difference". The recent adoption and use of 3D BIM Models means these abilities need to be developed to a whole new dimension and the task has become more like "Hunt the thimble" than "Spot the Difference".

Not only has this extra level of information increased the skills required but the fact that designers seem to have misread the PAS 1192-2 documentation outlining specific 'data drops' at strategic points in the design process and instead issuing multiple revisions of the BIM Model in a series of 'data drips' has raised the frustrations to a whole new level.

Multiple Revisions Frustrate Quantity Surveyors and Estimators

Having regularly witnessed this frustration first hand among our customers Masterbill have developed a number of features within our CAD measurement software to enable users to not just identify but also quantify the numerous revisions issued. So it will be no surprise to our users that when developing our BIM Measurement solution QSBIM we have risen to the challenge and developed extensive and powerful tools to enable users to quickly identify and quantify any changes in a BIM Model whilst providing an full audit trail of the changes they make to their measurements.

The Revision comparison features within QSBIM will enable users to:

  • Graphically display BIM Model objects that have been added, modified and deleted due to a BIM Model revision

  • Identify exactly what has been changed in modified items whether that affects the quantities like a change in height or not such as a change in material

  • Produce a professional report detailing all changes identified.

  • Identify and measure the new items in order to update their Cost Plans, Bills of Quantities and Estimates quickly and efficiently

  • Deduct the quantities previously measured for those items that have been removed from the model

  • Deduct previous quantities and insert revised quantities for those items that have been modified.

  • Make use of Masterbill Elite's powerful tagging and filtering tools to enable users to create documents that include the original quantities, the updated quantities or just the quantity adjustments that related to each revision measured.

  • Keep a record of all changes identified and how they have been incorporated into the relevant documents.

QSBIM Identifies Revisions to a BIM Model

We are convinced that this will not just prove to be a great tool during the Cost Planning, BQ Production and Tendering periods of a project but will also be a valuable tool during the Construction and Post Contract period of a Project as it will enable users to quantify and value variations in a fraction of the time it takes using more traditional techniques.

We realise that some users may purchase QSBIM just for this facility but that would mean neglecting the numerous other features that have caused others to view QSBIM as "a game changer "

Why not contact us to arrange a full demonstration so that you can see QSBIM in action for yourself.

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