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QSCad User Conference 2023

On Thursday 11th May 2023 (9.30am to 1.00pm) we will be hosting our first virtual User Conference using Microsoft Teams. During the Conference users will be able to...

  • See the latest QSCadv4 features in action and find out how they can use them on their next project.

  • Gain the knowledge required to take their QSCadv4 measurement to another level as we examine some of the advanced features and share numerous Tips and Tricks.

  • See how improvements to QSCadv4 Components make them even more powerful and improve the audit trail.

  • Find out how you can access an extensive library of standard Components which you can easily adjust to suit their projects.

  • Take a look at the latest QSCadv4 module and see how they could measure Drainage in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

  • Benefit from other's experience through Case Studies and User stories.

  • Explore how QSCadv4 supports multi-user access and is cloud-ready so that it can be accessed from the office, home or site, or all three at once!

  • Find out about Future Developments

  • Find out more about Masterbill Measurement Services.

Attendance at the conference is FREE and, as places are unlimited, is open to as many delegates from an organisation as they wish.


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