BIM Measurement



This is the latest Masterbill Elite module to be released and enables the user to make use of Integrated BIM Measurement tools within Masterbill Elite.


Features include...


  • The ability to load, view and interrogate the BIM Model

  • Identify items to be measured using the graphical interface and the properties of the objects within the model

  • Powerful search routines to find all items that match your measurement criteria

  • Full audit trail with BIM Model items 'linked' to your Masterbill dimsheets

  • The ability to measure faces, areas and lengths directly from the 3D model

  • BIM Model Revision Comparison routines to quickly identify items that have been deleted, modified or added to the latest revision of the Model.

  • Creation of a Visual Bill of Quantities and/or Cost Plan making use of the model to show what has been measured against an item, section, or even a whole element.



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