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QSCad update delivers 'real' time savings.

The latest release of QSCad is already delivering real time savings to its users.

As with all updates this new release includes the usual combination of new features, improvements and fixes including...

  • Improvements to the Measurement dialogs.

  • Improvements to Siteworks Calculations to avoid and/or highlight any calculation issues.

  • Improvements to Siteworks Calculations when grid size adjustment is required to meet the minimum number of points in an area.

  • Improved Siteworks Finished Levels entry to avoid aborting a measurement by mistake.

  • General minor improvements and fixes.

But it is the addition of the ability to to Extract Levels from a drawing feature that has been added to QSCad Quickview that has impressed the most with one seasoned user recently exclaiming "that feature alone will save me days!"

Why not check out the other great features that also deliver time savings to QSCad users.

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