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Is Masterbill's 'Cloud-Ready' software the answer you have been looking for?

There was a time when the only way to use Masterbill software was to be in the office connected to the Local Area Network… then some users found that a VPN was usable for occasional access from home … and then along comes Coronavirus and suddenly everyone needs access from anywhere but the office!

Fortunately, Masterbill have recognised, for some time now, that some of the features that 'cloud computing' offers could deliver real benefits to a good number of our customers that go above and beyond the simple synchronising solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive. Masterbill’s new ‘cloud ready’ versions make use of the latest ‘SQL as a Service’ solutions offered by Microsoft Azure cloud servers to enable users to benefit from:-

  • The ability to access and work on their data from anywhere with an internet connection such as home, office or site

  • The ability to collaborate on projects with multiple users in multiple locations simultaneously.

  • Fast direct access to the cloud database avoiding the office VPN which is often slow when servicing multiple users.

  • Access to a dedicated high-powered SQL server that can handle numerous connections and large databases with ease, at a fraction of the cost of a local server with the required SQL server licences.

  • The reassurance of a full backup regime carried out by the biggest players in the business.

Masterbill have designed their latest QSCadv4 CAD Measurement software to ensure that it is ‘cloud-ready’ and have been testing their existing software such as Masterbill Elite in a cloud environment.

As a result, Masterbill Measurement Services have been making use of the cloud for over a year measuring projects with clients and measurement staff located sometimes several thousand miles apart but able to access and view measurements in real-time because they are located ‘in the cloud’.

In recent weeks with huge numbers of our customers being forced to work away from the office we have seen increased interest in migrating to our cloud-ready solutions from organisations large and small, we have even had new customers opting to have their data hosted in the cloud rather than go to the expense of purchasing, deploying and maintaining their own SQL server.

Masterbill are now able to provide a managed cloud hosted solution for a reasonable monthly fee which we are sure will be an attractive alternative to new and existing customers as they seek to adapt so that their staff can continue to use their Masterbill software to work together on projects when they are no longer located in the same office.

If you are struggling to work from home and would like to find out more about the benefits that a cloud-based solution could deliver to your organisation please contact us at and we will be pleased to help.

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