Masterbill MB3

is the complete BQ Production System, fully featured and including Pricing, Cost Analysis and Tender Comparison routines.

Flexible Project Structure...

Masterbill3 uses a Project Structure which together with full sortation results in the ability to produce bills in almost any sequence.

The Project Structure consists of:

  • Parts
  • Elements
  • Reference
  • Cost Codes 

The Project Structure is normally set up at the start of a project using the lists shown, although it can be amended later.

As they are created dimensions are allocated to a Reference, Part, Element and Cost Code combination (a dimstore) from the Measurement Window using drop lists.

Comprehensive Library of Descriptions...

Masterbill3 has an extensive range of standard libraries of descriptions available including:

The system also includes the ability to enter your own library from scratch or amend an existing library to suit your individual requirements.

Step 2 - Entering Dimensions using the traditional dimsheet allowing the user to take advantage of:

Powerful Dynamic Dims...

Masterbill3 also provides the user with the ability to ‘dynamically link’ dimensions. This facility can be used for:

Once dimensions are dynamically linked any changes to the ‘parent’ dimension will automatically be reflected in any dimensions linked to it.

Effective Dim Management...

Dim Management routines enable the user to reuse data by:

User-Defined BQ formats and layouts...

Masterbill3 allows the user to create a Bill of Quantities at any point in the measurement process. In creating a BQ the user can set:

Flexible Editing Features...

Simply double-click on a BQ item to see its abstract from here the user can:

  • Select and jump to an indivual dimsheet for editing, or
  • Select multiple dismheets to amend their description simultaneously.

Time-saving Pricing and Analysis Facilities...

Masterbill3 allows the user to store upto 15 sets of tender rates which may be entered as unit rates, lump sums, PC Sums, ‘Included’, 'Excluded', star rates or 'Rate Only'.

The ‘Matching Prices’ feature also provides the opportunity to select an alternative tender on a previous project to use as a basis for pricing the current estimate.

Once the BQ is priced user-defined and standard BCIS Cost Analyses can be obtained instantly and when more than one tender is present tender comparison routines come into play.

eTendering enabled...

Masterbill3 is not just CITE compliant but it also includes all the tools to enable the user to take full advantage of Masterbill's own XML eTendering standard including the ability to track and distribute tender amendments.